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"Amazing: you don't have any instructors with less than 5,000 hours!" - FAA Examiner

Accelerated Private Pilot Certificate Course

Imagine accelerated flight training with a seasoned, professional, Gold Seal flight instructor who is teaching only one student: you!

And whether you're a beginner (or have had previous instruction and need to finish up your rating) this is the accelerated flight training course for you! You'll sail through your Practical Test and become a safe, professional pilot.

Learn in great airplanes, at great airport, and with a great instructor!

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Accelerated Instrument Rating Course

In ten short days you'll have the flight training to understand Arrival and Departure procedures, the many different types of instrument approaches and how to control your aircraft only with reference to your instruments. You'll be an expert with course intercepts and holding patterns.

You'll know how to use DUATS, your iPad (we love ForeFlight) and even how to turn your cell phone or iPad into a Primary Flight Display (PFD)!

Of course, you can train in your airplane or ours.

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Cessna 172SP Skyhawk

Garmin Glass Cockpit